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Hi there!

My name is Lim Wei Chiang (call me Wei Chiang), known to some of my friends as Kacang, pronounced “ka-chang”. It’s really a nickname from ways back, since my name rhymes with the Malay word “kacang”, which in English means “nuts”. Does that also describe my mental state? I’ll let you decide! 🙂

I’m a Systems Engineer by day, and a geek, foodie and shutterbug by night. I started this blog not only to share some of my more interesting experiences in life, but also to document and discuss some of the more interesting technical topics I encounter in my day to day work; a technical journal of sorts.

In all aspects, any views or opinions here are mine, and do not represent the official position of my employer in any way. Feel free to engage in open and respectful discussion on any of the posted topics.


– Wei Chiang

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