A Demo of the vCloud Networking and Security App Firewall

I will be presenting at Cloud Sec 2013 Singapore, so shout out if you happen to see me there!

Since it’s a gathering of security techies, I thought it would be interesting to switch things up a bit and do a live demo of the vCloud Networking and Security App Firewall. In this demo, it’ll be used to protect WordPress set up as a 2-tier application against possible attacks by a compromised host within the same layer 2 network in the virtual data center.

The demo is slated to be done live, though of course there’s always the good ol’ recorded backup in case Murphy’s Law decides to strike. Thought it’d be a good idea to share this out as well, as I personally think that App Firewall rocks, especially when you use EtherApe and NMAP to show it in action.

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