vSphere 5.5 Compliance Checker is Now Available

The vSphere 5.5 Compliance Checker was released yesterday, just in time for Christmas! Whether you are operating an existing environment, or have just brought a new project online and want to be sure that you’ve fully hardened the servers, make sure you use this tool find and lock down any security holes which could be exploited over the Christmas season.

It really is simple to use, just enter your vCenter Server address and admin credentials, then click on “Assess Compliance”.

All it takes a couple of minutes to run, and then you’ll see the progress screen. At the end of it, the browser pops up with a report of your infrastructure’s compliance against vSphere security best practices. I’ve only shown part of it, but it is a fairly long listing which shows the compliance status of individual servers.

If you think it’s cool, pop by Compliance Checker download page and give it a go.

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